About us


WeRugz is an Indian rug brand that makes custom rugs as per the client’s demand, We started back in April 2021, We can make rugs of any Shape, Size, Design, and Quantity. WeRugz is a brand that introduced custom trendy rugs in India and made them popular all over the country. We are committed to serving the best quality rugs in the industry.


India prides itself to be the largest manufacturer and exporter of handmade carpets but more than 80% of homes do not have authentic handmade carpets instead they have machine-made carpets. One of the reasons is the steep prices of these handmade rugs making them unaffordable. Also, there is a scarcity of creative designs. At WeRugz, we are changing that, one home at a time.  We have mastered the art of hand-made carpets while keeping our prices affordable. Not to mention, we offer 100% customizable designs where you can choose from our wide array of design catalogues which values art and artists. What makes us different is that our artisans are not some faceless commodities, but are a valuable part of our community. And every rug you buy has their labor of love and generations of artistry weaved into it. Your purchase here at WeRugz isn’t merely a transaction to us, but also ensuring that it changes the lives of our artisans who take pride in their work.


Mr. Gaurav Kumar (Founder of WeRugz)

I have always believed in going where my heart took me, irrespective of the results. One can say that I have followed my hobby/passion without expectation of any desired results and due to this I was able to put my heart and brain together into my venture.

Through WERUGZ, my ultimate mission is to make handmade rug accessible to people in their own personalized design and every household should have one carpet from WERUGZ.